Community Life: Building Connections

We are intentional at Parkdale United Church about creating opportunities for building connections with each other, to enhance the well-being of all. Often, we connect with each other through meaningful conversations and socializing with one another. We also reach out to each other, offering care, concern, prayer, and assistance when others are going through difficult times.

Building Connections through Care

At Parkdale United Church, we show care for each other when we walk together in challenging times. Sometimes, care is expressed with a phone call, card or email to show concern and offer encouragement. Care can be shown with an informal chat on a Sunday morning. At Parkdale United Church, we also have more intentional ways of showing care for friends and members of the congregation. We express care and build connections by delivering jam to newcomers, sending anniversary cards to couples who have been married in the church, sending birthday cards to children who have been baptised, arranging for name tags for newcomers, preparing and delivering cookie plates at Christmas, sending cards to and visiting homebound members of the church (Ringing the Doorbell program), placing roses on the pulpit to celebrate new babies, blessing prayer stones, arranging for prayer candles at the front of the sanctuary and making Care Notes available. We also express care for each other through our Knitting Ministry, Prayer Circle and Healing Pathway .

Building Connections through Fellowship

There are many opportunities at Parkdale United Church for people to build connections by gathering together for fellowship. These include monthly United Church Women’s group (UCW), Men’s Breakfast Club, Women’s Breakfast Club, Women’s Sunday Lunch Bunch, Sunday movie nights and Book Club. Our journaling group meets at least monthly. Social bridge meets on alternate Mondays. People are welcome to join the choir, which practises weekly on Thursday evenings to prepare Sunday anthems. We have a weekly Sunday morning discussion group that gathers before the worship service. As well, we organize church work projects, specific outreach and service programs, and occasional group outings to attend theatre productions.
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Knitting Ministry

The knitting ministry at Parkdale is dedicated to knitting Prayer Shawls for people who are ill or in need of comfort as well as baby blankets for the newest members of our congregation. The knitting group also knits “prayer squares” to leave at the front of the sanctuary so people who come to church can have a little reminder of God’s comforting presence.



Parkdale United Church has an indoor labyrinth, located in the lower level of the church, available for those who would like to walk the labyrinth as a spiritual, healing or meditative experience. Walking the labyrinth helps some people to feel expansive, grounded, and balanced. It may help reduce grief and enhance physical and emotional healing. Each person experiences the labyrinth in their own way. The labyrinth is open most week days and Sunday mornings.


Prayer Circle

The Prayer Circle focuses healing thought on those who are unwell in body or spirit, or who wish for spiritual healing with the use of daily contemplation and meditation. With permission, members of the Prayer Circle hold a person’s concern in God’s love and pray for his or her highest good.

Healing Pathway Ministry

What is it?


Healing Pathway is an energy-based therapeutic approach to healing. It uses light touch to influence the energy system with the intent of balancing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being. The source of healing energy is from God and is a gift of Spirit. When we use touch in a compassionate, heart-felt manner, God can use us as a conduit, pouring energy where it is needed. The goal is to restore harmony, balance and wholeness in body, mind and spirit, enabling the person to heal. Healing touch complements traditional approaches to health and healing, and is not meant to substitute for them.


How is the team trained?

Parkdale’s healing team members are trained through Naramata Centre’s Healing Pathway Program. This is a four-phase training program for people wishing to develop the gift and skill of healing hands within the Christian tradition. Healing Pathway is a spiritual approach, based on the teachings of the Healing Touch Program.

What does it help with?

Healing pathway techniques may help with:

  • Chronic pain and headaches
  • Speed recovery from surgery or injuries
  • Anxiety, stress or trauma
  • Side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, anaesthesia
  • Emotional issues associated with grief, divorce or unemployment

You do not need to be “unwell” before receiving a treatment. God’s healing energy can help to maintain and strengthen your physical, mental and emotional well-being. The Healing ministry is not a replacement for conventional medical treatment but may enhance other forms of medical care.


What will happen during a treatment?

Treatments are done with two practitioners. Persons receiving treatments liefully clothed on a massage table or reclining chair. Light touch may be used or the practitioners may work with their hands around the body without touching. You are free to ask questions or to rest quietly.

community-life-07Many people feel a deep sense of peace and relaxation. There might be a slight warmth, coolness or tingling sensation or you may feel nothing at all. Often the benefits are not felt until the next day after a treatment. A session usually lasts 30 to 60 minutes.

Where do treatments take place?

Healing Pathway treatments take place in the church’s healing rooms on the second floor. An atmosphere of respect, caring and confidentiality is maintained. We will also make visits to hospitals and homes if clients are unable to come to the church.

Who can receive a treatment?

Everyone in the church and wider community is invited to experience the Healing Pathway Ministry.

What will it cost?

There is no charge for treatments; however, donations are gratefully accepted to support the continued education of the healing ministry team.

How can the healing ministry be accessed?

Treatments are available by appointment. Please contact the church to make arrangements, 403-283-3301.